IRVINS Salted Eggs chips have been hit with another unwanted incident, so soon after last December's lizard in their chips packet. This time round, a fried fly was found in another pack of IRVINS Salted Egg potato chips.

Last December, the local potato chips maker was in the spotlight after a customer complained that a deep fried lizard was found in its salmon skin snack, which prompted an investigation by AVA, and an apology from the company's CEO, Irvin Gunawan. However, barely a month after the apology,  another customer,  Malaysian by the name of Li Qin Fam posted on her FB "People had fried lizard in their chips, I had fried fly ? thanks IRVINS" along with a video and photos of the said packet and fly. According to her, the packet of chips had an expiry date of October 2019. 

It was not clear if the packet of potato chips that had the fried lizard was the made in the same batch as the one with the fried fly. Irvins this time has not responded to the latest fiasco. 


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