Singaporeans, remember never to buy insurance from this asshole. An insurance agent who went by Instagram @seanlw_y has earned the ire of netizens after using Aloysius Pang's death to make money. This is what he said:

"Lol sorry I can't grief for you because I really dk who the hell you are before the accident. Condolences to your family tho. But this serves as a reminder to everyone that accidents do happen. You can't really avoid God's plan so.. Get insured with me today before an accident leaves you dead with regret"

Sadly, it looks like he does not think that he was in the wrong. In an instastory post, he said:

"Yes. I use death to sell insurance and I'm proud of it. Society can judge but in my point of view, I'm just a person who will do whatever it takes. I use unorthodox ways and means, but if I achieve results..... WHATS IT TO YOU REALLY?"

He then has the cheek to tell people that they definitely need insurance.

For someone who has no heart, it is surprising that he took down his Instagram on his own accord. 

For someone who has so many rolex watches, it is surprising that he desperately uses "unorthodox ways" to earn money. 

For someone who is even more of a nobody, he should know that it is insensitive and stupid to make those remarks in light of another person's death. 

And for this special someone, this special insurance agent, thanks for letting Singaporeans know that you are an ass whom they should never insure their lives with. Good luck.


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