PM Lee Hsien Loong has not ruled out Singapore's next General Elections to be held next year. The GE, which must be held by January 2021, has seen a constant source of speculation about it being called earlier. 

Next year will mark 200 years since Singapore's founding by Sir Stamford Raffles. The 200th anniversary milestone is expected to be celebrated in a big way in Singapore, which many pointing out the feel good factor of the celebrations and the many freebies that might await Singaporeans would be the sweetener for the GE to be called.

PM Lee was speaking at a dialogue held as part of a welcome dinner at the Bloomberg Economy Forum. By not writing off election year as being called next year, most anticipates that he will call for it once the sweeteners take effect, and Singaporeans are not too angry with the policies of the incumbent government. As it stands, there have been a lot of unhappiness in recent months, which PM Lee and his team would hope would dissipate with the 200th anniversary celebrations

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