The high cost of living and the prohibitive childcare fees are just some of the factors why Singaporeans now choose to have less children.

The government realises this issue.

So recently, in a bid to manage the problem, the Singapore government announced a slew off measures. This includes increasing government subsidies for childcare services. 

The subsidies were intended to alleviate the financial burden on parents.

However, this may not necessarily translate into savings for the parents.

A concerned parent shared how the childcare centre (CC) attended by his child announced, in a letter to the parents, the increase of fees for next year. The increase, will help to defray operating expenses.

Some parents understand that the operators are struggling with rising costs too. CCs have to pay rental, salaries for teachers, facilitators, and administrative staff, as well as disposable items.

Nevertheless, there are parents who voiced their concerns and questioned if CCs are attempting to profiteer from this. And rightly so.

Just when they saw thought there was light at the end of the tunnel, you get this. 

How is this helping the parents? 

What else can be done? Will the government step in to freeze the CC fees?

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