The PAP has set the stage for the distribution of goodies to some half a million people from the Merdeka Generation. This generation comprise of Singapore citizens who were born in the 1950s, as well as those born in 1949 or earlier but had obtained citizenship by 1996. While details will be revealed in due course, the package is expected to provide support or relief for medical and insurance payments.

Whatever the package may be, the generation deserves the goodies that come their way. They have more than earned it for themselves. Throughout the years, they have showed incredible gumption and resilience to come out from various crises virtually unscathed.

What we the younger generation in Singapore hope for is that they continue to display the same gumption and resilience for the future of the country.

In the past, these goodies have been closely tied to votes for the PAP. It is not surprising because Singaporeans then had real bread-and-butter issues to contend with. 

The issue here is that such problems persist, even though they voted for the PAP.

A change is needed. 

The Merdeka Generation cannot be sentimental with their votes. The Merdeka Generation should not feel indebted to the PAP. In fact, it is the PAP who should feel indebted to the Merdeka Generation for helping to build Singapore.

PAP was good for Singapore in the past but not anymore. 

The next elections will be a key one for the future of Singapore. It is not just about the youths.

It is also for the Merdeka Generation to tell the PAP what they really feel of how the PAP has changed and how out of touch the PAP is. To the Merdeka Generation, do not feel guilty about voting for the opposition because you are voting wisely for the future of the country.


The writer, Kelvin, doesn't mind getting goodies from the PAP.

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