This has come out rather quietly as the PAP already has its hands full managing the fallout from all the other scandals that are plaguing them. However, don't rule out hearing more about it in the next few days. According to the latest statistics compiled by the Department of Statistics, household income and household income per capita increased last year, while the Gini coefficient, after taking into account Government transfers and taxes, dropped to 0.404.

What this means is that PAP will tell you that your salaries increased and the salaries of your household increased. For those staying in one or two room flats, they will also tell you that you have benefited more from the government's interventions to redistribute income.

On the surface, these statistics paint a rosy picture of the income levels here in Singapore. They do, but they do not tell the full story. 

One needs to fully appreciate how expensive Singapore is. The cost of living is astronomical. The fact is that, according to measures by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Singapore has been at the top of the most expensive city list for five years in a row. These measures are not subjective. Just take a look at the prices of housing and cars. Even expats who work here know better than to purchase cars in Singapore.

Imagine what it means for the lower income. They are told to remain employed, slog and work hard, but tamper their wants and aspirations.

The redistribution of income is not sufficient. The richest should be taxed more. If the richest have a problem with being taxed, are they really the kind of people that we want in Singapore? 

Better quality of life has to be accessible to everyone. Not just the rich. Only then can we progress as a society.


The writer, Faith, is not impressed by stats.



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