Scoot does not seem to be able to shake off its recent spate of misfortune, of having planes turning back and some unable to even take off. In another recent problem, a Scoot flight from Bangkok bound for Singapore was forced to turn back on Wednesday.

This time around, the problem was not of the flight itself, but because of an unclaimed bag in the cabin. The plane with 131 passengers had taken off from Bangkok at 11:55pm, but safely returned and landed back at Bangko at 2:10pm. According to Scoot, their investigation team had found that the ground handling agent had seen an unattended bag in the gatehold room, and handed it to the flight's cabin crew thinking that it belonged to one of the passengers on the flight. The crew accepted the bag, which Scoot said was in breech of protocols. Subsequently, they could not locate the owner of the bag on board the flight, and the captain was informed. He made the decision to return back to Bangkok for the security breach. 

It seem slike Scoot cannot catch a break these days.  

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