According to some online reports, a Policeman get more than he bargained for when his chase after an alleged molester ended in him jumping into the canal, Hollywood style, to nab the man.

The 26 year old man was alleged to have molested a woman worshiper in Our Lady of Lourdes Church, and also was creating a scene there disturbing the peace before he fled. The man, alleged to be drunk, then decided his best way of escape was to jump into the Rochor Canal and swim under the tunnel there. However, the police who were hot on his trail, did not let him get away, with one officer jumping in to apprehend the man.

In videos seen of the incident, the policeman was seen holding onto the shirtless man, while other officers rush to throw a lifebuoy to the duo. The man was seen to be struggling, but the video ended without showing how the two got out of the canal. 

Police confirmed that a 26 year old man was arrested for using abusive words against public servant, intentional harassment and drunkenness in public places. He could be the first person ever in Singapore arrested by the police while having a forced swim in a canal. 

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