Khaw Boon Wan informed Singaporeans of progress made in the ongoing dispute between Singapore and Malaysia and the steps taken to de-escalate the dispute. While Malaysia had three vessels in Singapore territorial waters last Friday, there is now only one vessel left behind. Ideally, that vessel will also leave to reduce the potential of accidents but this is progress nonetheless

In relation to Malaysia's protest on the use of the Instrument Landing System (ILS), there appears to be different interpretations or understanding  on what the use of the equipment entails. These different understanding can be ironed out in due time. Most importantly, we have to ensure that whatever aircraft that is flying into Singapore can do so with a greater piece of mind due to the enhanced safety.

As we await the outcome of talks and negotiations, PAP also needs to do likewise and de-escalate tensions.

It was heartening to say the display of patriotism and loyalty to the country; traits that some argue that Singaporeans are missing. This period has shown that Singaporeans can be counted upon in times of adversity. The apathy Singaporeans show in routine, every day life in Singapore is merely an expression of discontent with an out of touch government.

The government, especially the PAP ministers, must now look forward and not continue with the jingoistic calls to rally Singaporeans. The propaganda can be overbearing and if overdone, will be seen as a threat by Malaysia.

In times like this, we need cool heads to see through the fog and the noise. So guys, its time to chill man.



The writer, Kelvin, loves to chillax when he's not writing.

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