A student, believed to be from Tampines Meridian Junior College have attracted unwanted flak for posting a picture on his Instagram of him kissing his male partner. The post was subsequently shared on the Hardwarezone Forum by an unknown persona.

In a thread titled “Omg ghey couple kissing in SG kissing in public”, the post drew mostly homophobic comments, with most of the comments bordering on outright malicious intent. Some even called for the couple to get HIV if they don't repent. The forum members also managed to quickly identify the duo in the photo, which led to the discovery that the student who uploaded the photo was from TMJC. 

This also led to calls that the JC be informed of their student's photo. The student subsequently posted on his Instagram thathe had been told by hos school to remove the photos of him with his male partner, because it was causing unnecessary attention to him and the school. TMJC has since clarified that they had advised the student t take down the offending photos to protect his privacy and well being.

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