The F1 weekend had just drawn to a close for the 11th time in Singapore. By all accounts, it was another successful spectacle put up by the organizers, and Singapore stands proud once again as the Jewel of the F1 race. However, reports had also emerged that some Caucasian men had actually profited by re-selling tickets for the event to those who did not have tickets but wanted to watch the race.

Apparently, these scalpers have been seen selling these tickets since Saturday at a shopping centre near City Hall MRT. These men allegedly obtained the tickets by approaching those who had already watched leaving the venue after the first race, and obtained them for free. These tickets are then re-sold for $100 each, which was still cheaper than the actual ticket prices of $108 to $888. 

Event organizers already said that this was illegal, and that they can turn away people with this invalid tickets out at the door. But, how do they check if the ticket had been resold? And what of security measures? Anyone can obtain tickets anyhow and anywhere, as long as they know where to look. 

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