Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is releasing their political manifesto on 28 September 2019, 2-4pm at [email protected] As Dr Chee Soon Juan, the current secretary-general for the party, said:

A political manifesto is a declaration of a party's vision and mission, a pronouncement of its plans and policies.

The manifesto has been in the works for months and is finally ready to be released to the public. They are releasing their manifesto in light of the upcoming general elections which many are suspecting to be early next year. SDP and their party has come a long way in Singapore. They have their own share of supporters and volunteers backing them as well. Hopefully they stand a better chance in winning seats this time round.

SDP has come up with several policies which they have revealed to the public. Dr Chee has since alleged that the current Government has stolen some of their policies and released it as their own after some tweaks. The SDP has some good ideas on how to improve Singapore and it would do well for us to listen and see what they have in store for us. Their manifesto would no doubt bring about some new ideas in their policies and we are all excited to see them.

We hope to see that they can gather more support in the upcoming months. But for them to gather more support, their vision and mission is to improve the lives of Singaporeans unlike some other party who has been dragging us down for their own greed. But I suppose to improve our lives from what we are going through would not be that hard for them to do. Keep up the good work SDP! 

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