Makansutra's Kf Seetoh has spoken up again about the plight of hawkers in Singapore. This time, the poor hawkers at Chinatown have to close for 3 months due to renovation works despite having paid market bid rates for their stalls. 

The hawkers now have "no alternative spots to conduct businesses" and are left in the lurch. How are they going to earn money for the next few months if they are not given alternatives? What about those who need the income to support elderly parents or children?

"It's like your boss telling you to take a 2 mth no pay leave cos there's office renovations.

My first salvo,  to those who want it- offer them a temp slot at the many empty hawker stalls around the island, even if its a one or two month gig.

one other thing they can do is cook from home and work with delivery companies..many stil wanna eat their stuff out of habit or even necessity. it is allowed under home business schemes with NEA."

Why is the government so lacking on sympathy? Are they only concerned about taking money without caring for the welfare of local hawkers? 

If they continue to be like this, they have no one else to blame when Singaporeans lose all trust in them. 

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