A 62 year old taxi driver has been arrested by the police for suspected drink-driving after he crashed into a car and two other lorries at a carpark in Bedok Reservoir. The incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning, March 19.

Police said they were alerted to the incident at about 1:15 am at the carpark of Blk 631 Bedok Reservoir Road. According to eye-witnesses, they heard loud bangs and tyres screeching, and were greeted by a scene of the taxi that had mounted the pavement behind some shops. The taxi then reversed twice into a wall, and subsequently hot a parked black car. The taxi then tried to squeeze between a lorry and a white car, damaging the lorry in the process. It then reversed again, surged forward and hit another lorry and then came to a stop near a tree. 

Police are currently investigating, while the operator of the Silvercab taxi, are also assisting the police in the investigations. 

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