As you already know, a man named Edmund Zhong commented that he wanted to egg Shanmugam and was asked to lim kopi: Man Asked To Lim Kopi After Commenting He Wants To Egg Shanmugam On Facebook. Soon after, the police also started to investigate another man who commented on the same Facebook post: Police Investigating 2 Men For Commenting About Throwing Eggs At K Shanmugam.

Edmund Zhong, 20, is a full-time national serviceman. He told the Straits Times that the comment was a joke and that he never did intend to commit the act or had any real intentions (obviously). Zhong said that he did it for entertainment and asked if he has any regrets he said:

"To be honest I don’t feel much regret. I feel it’s a matter of freedom of speech, and that we have a right to voice such opinions."

When we read such comments online, we obviously know that they are the work of trolls. They say things for the fun of it, for their own entertainment. Do we really have to be so paranoid and look into what every single person in the world says? And also, is this how we make use of public resources? Isn't our government always telling us about how our public resources are and how we shouldn't waste them? Then why are they doing this? Are they so guilty of doing something wrong that they are afraid that it might really happen to them?

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