We all know by now that if you're pregnant, old, with child or injured, you are given more priority to sit on the priority seats in our MRT. But who is more deserving of sitting in the priority seats? Does a old person deserve to sit more than a injured young man?

A Redditporean took to Reddit to ask this question after being scolded by other commuters. u/daphnesca suffers from hairline fractures from a car driving over her foot. Daphnesca currently has to wear a boot cast due to the injury. A boot cast looks something like this:



Unfortunately for Daphnesca, an old lady came over to ask for her seat. When Daphnesca refused, the old auntie started grumbling about how the younger generation has no respect for the elderly (you know, the usual).

Scarred from the incident, Daphnesca decided to sit on a normal, un-prioritized seat on her next ride. Again, unfortunately, a man in office attire asked Daphnesca to move to the priority seat as he was being denied a seat. Daphnesca was no doubt frustrated from these incidents and turned to Reddit to ask where she's supposed to sit.

Do you think that the priority seating on trains has brought about more problems than actually helping those in need?

You can read Daphnesca's full post here:

Where do I sit?

A month back, a car drove over my foot and ended up with hairline fractures so I am stuck in this walker boot cast thing. (Think robot cop leg).

Decided to take train back home yesterday since I ended work early and I got an empty priority seat. Sat down and immediately this old lady asked me for my seat. I was like "Auntie, I need the seat too, my leg pain." She replied "Aiya, you so young, need this seat for what? This seat for old people!" I pointed to the sign of the figure in the cast. "It is for people like me too." She got pissed off and started grumbling about how young people have no respect for old people.

Today, I decided not to risk any old people's entitlement and sat away from the priority seat. This office guy came in at City Hall, and asked me to move over to the priority seat. Cue my confusion, I just shook my head no and he told me that I should be sitting in the priority seat and that I was denying him a normal seat.

Seriously, where you want me to sit?!

Tl;Dr - fractured leg, sat at priority seat. Got scolded. Sat away from priority also Kena. How like that?

Been taking Grab to and fro work most of the time and don't ask for priority seat if I am taking the train even though the leg is hurting like hell if I stand too long.

Where do I sit? from r/singapore

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