LTA ruled that Gojek driver, Kamaruzzaman Abdul Latiff, had gone against privacy guidelines by uploading a video of a female passenger and himself in his car. He was issued with a conditional warning. He has to maintain a clean driving record up to the next 12 months.

Kamaruzzaman had begun recording the video as a precautionary measure as the female passenger, Jovina Choi, had alleged that he had purposely gone through an ERP gantry. She later also claimed that she had tried to kidnap him when she was unable to leave the car.

On one hand, this ruling reassures us that our privacy while using these PHVs is not compromised.

However, from the perspective of drivers, this could disdvantage them when there are disputes with passengers. It could also help prevent sexual assaults or robberies against the drivers.

The regulators and industry players need to come together to find a solution that is fair to all parties.


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