A man who was wielding a knife was shot by police with a taser gun after he allegedly charged at one of the officers. The incident happened on Monday evening along Mountbatten Road.

Police confirmed that they received a call about the man at around 6:15pm. A witness told the press that he saw the man walking across the main road while still wielding the knife, with at least four police officers in pursuit. The witness further said that he was certain the police were shouting for the man to stop walking, but he continued on calmly, although he suddenly changed directions and started charging at the officers.

This was when the man was shot with the Taser gun. He fell in the middle of the road while still holding the knife, before the police moved in and disarmed him. The witness said the man's face was bloodied as the result of him falling face first onto the road. 

Police confroemd that the 51 year old man was arrested for possessing an offensive weapon, and for a suspected drug-related offence. 

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