Have you ever wondered about how your future children can take care of you after you lose your job due to old age/critical illnesses? With the rising cost of living in Singapore coupled with the bad job market, how can one person both build a family and take care of a person who is gravely ill? A 22 year old boy laments on this issue:

For those who don't know me, I'm 22 and just finished my National Service. I'm currently living with my mum who single handedly brought me up (dad abandoned us when I was still a baby). Just the other day, I had a thought. "What if my mum falls so ill that she has to lose her job and has to go for regular cfheck ups/treatments?" How will I be able to afford it?

From what I can gather, when my grandparents were ill, they had many children to help chip in some money/help take care of them. However, probably due to the high costs of raising a child in Singapore, our parents generation has been conceiving lesser children. (Like just one child, in my case)

So how then can I ensure that I will be able to earn enough to both build a family + take care of my mum in the future? I must be able to finance a new house (like most of us growing up would want), pay off bills for my mom's check up and treatments, raise a child or two, etc.

Is there a way the Government can help us? Can they make healthcare, raising a child and housing more affordable? Or can they ensure us a higher wage so that we will be able to keep up with the rising costs? Can they ensure us job security by providing us with more jobs instead of outsourcing to people from other countries? If they do not have such fixes for us, I will continue to worry for my future and also the future of my children.

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