Socio-political activist, Roy Ngerng, has slammed the PAP government for their cowardice. Ngerng took offence to attempts by the PAP government and its supporters to denounce his support of the Hong Kong protesters as 'foreign interference'.

Ngerng sees the over-reaction as a badge of honour because it meant that they've taken note and are running scared.

But Ngerng himself is far from scared. He seeks comfort in fellow supporters of the protests who come from places as diverse as Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Japan, and even the countries in Europe.

He took umbrage at the PAP's duplicity and hypocrisy in lauding the promotion of democracy in other countries while denouncing his support of democracy in Hong Kong. He also challenged the PAP to show how he is influencing, or is being influenced by foreign parties.

For Ngerng, the only reason that the PAP and its supporters are coming after him is because they are scared that Singaporeans will do the same as the Hong Kongers are doing because Singaporeans are equally educated, informed, and politically aware.

Negerng has raised some pointed questions.

Why is it wrong for him to advocate and support the growth of democracy in Hong Kong when the PAP themselves claim to support democracy? With the elections around the corner, is the PAP scared that Singaporeans will do as the Hong Kongers have done?

With the elections around the corner, it looks like the PAP is feeling the heat.

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