A concerned netizen, Yogesh Tulsi, himself a member of the minority community, has added to the brownface-K.Muthusamy debate.

For Yogesh, the reason behind Preeti and Subhas Nair's outburst was simply exhaustion.

Exhaustion from fighting a losing battle against racism. Since she started out in the industry, she has invested countless hours, as well as artistic and intellectual labour, "critiquing racism in comedic and acerbic ways (that Chinese influencers will never have to do)". 

She's exhausted in this battle against the use of brownface. This, he points out, is the sixth brownface incident in seven years. Yet, it continues to happen.

He lauds the music video by the Nair siblings because finally, people are paying attention.

The majority may be finally more aware that the use of brownface is offensive.

Now that's brownface has taken centre-stage, the prerogative is on the majority to not fxxx it up.



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