This local xmm is lonely and looking for a daddy, but not the kind that you're thinking of.

The account holder, who wants to be known as 'Natalie', is supposedly 21 years old. She also described herself as fair-skinned with 'a bit of tattoo'.

Shy, but bratty, she's looking for a daddy who is above 30 years old. Other criteria for the daddy include being able to hold a conversation, plus a caring, yet firm person. By her own admission, she can be a bit bratty.

Ladies, if your partner/husband/boyfriend is frequently messaging his 'daughter', maybe its time to be worried.

Sugar babies are on the hunt for sugar daddies. Where or what this leads to is anybody's guess. There'll definitely be some implications on a relationship.

If you find out that your husband is a sugar daddy, what would you do?


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