The Reform Party's Kenneth Jeyaretnam has slammed Singaporeans for being "the biggest fools" for continuing to enable the PAP despite its incompetence. In a Facebook post on 4 Mar, Kenneth Jeyaretnam shared Chan Chun Sing's remarks on how there is no conflict of interest even though the newly appointed auditor-general, Goh Soon Poh, is also the wife of Senior Minister of State, Heng Chee How. 

Like many Singaporeans, Jeyaretnam found it outrageous that there is no conflict of interest at all. Probably in a fit of anger, he lambasted Singaporeans for being stupid in supporting the PAP and encouraging them to be so arrogant. 

"The PAP have become so arrogant after 60 years in power that they believe normal checks and balances and conflict of interest rules don't apply to them. The same set of self-serving hypocrites drunk on entitlement because of the belief that they are the best stay in power forever. And Singaporeans are the biggest fools for enabling them. Nothing is going to change at the next election!"

Unless... Haha. We all know lah.

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