Neil Humphreys, is a a familiar-face. The writer, and radio DJ, is one of the more famous ang mohs in Singapore.

He has lived in Singapore for many years and feels vested in its developments.

Recently, he launched an impassioned, un-PC, plea to the government to do something about the safety risks posed by e-scooters.

He has this warning to reckless e-scooter riders out there:

If you hit my daughter with your speeding phallic farce, I will throw you and your flaccid vehicle into the river.

Humphreys rightly pointed out that such reckless, juvenile riders are common everywhere. The only difference being their choice of vehicle.

In Singapore, helpless pedestrians stand no chance against these speeding menace, should they collide.

He called on the government to fix the issue, to help make the pavements safer for pedestrians again. The warning from Humphreys was clear - fix it or people will die.

He is not far off the mark.

Unless they are trained and regulated, such recklessness can't be contained.

E-scooters, as a tool for transportion, is not a bad thing. However, there are many different kinds of people using them. Some of them have no sense of right or wrong, and have no idea of how to ride responsibly.

This can't be allowed to continue. 

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