In a recent online post on the NTU Confessions FB page, one NTU female student admitted that she engages in a Friends with Benefits relationship with another male NTU student, but claims she has fallen for him. It has drawn a lot of flak, with most replies urging the girl to get out of the relationship, as it benefits the guy only.

The girl claims the relationship transpired because the guy actually liked her at first. But by the time the girl had feelings for the guy, he had fallen for another girl already. The first girl confessed her feelings for the guy, but the guy, sensing an opportunity too good to miss, started a friends with benefit relationship with said girl, while he still chases after the girl B. So girl A feels that over time, even though they are just Friends with benefits, the guy started caring for her, and was gentle with her and understands her feelings. So, she cannot understand wen one day he got angry at her for taking up too much of his time, and thus ruining his chances of going after Girl B.

If this is the kind of shenanigans NTU students got up to, engaging in friends with benefits relationship while going after another girl, then where are the morals? 


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