Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah has recently started an initiative, 50 cents for a cup of coffee/tea for the elderly in her constituency, Nee Soon South. The discount is available for the elderly that are of the Merdeka and Pioneer generations. They would pay $0.50 for a cup of kopi-o kosong or teh-o kosong. The offer is only available on every Wednesday up to 12 noon. This discount would end in June next year.

Lee Bee Wah has managed to rope in 10 privately owned coffee shops to join her scheme. 

Lee Bee Wah was on fire previously for calling Singaporeans Si Gui Kia for wanting to get back their CPF monies. Insinuating that we are all asking for too much from our Government who has always "helped" us citizens.

Now one can only wonder if she is indeed doing this for the citizens to alleviate their monetary problems or just simply vote buying. As everybody always says, they are always giving out chicken wings so that they can take back the whole chicken if you continue voting for them. 

If she was really trying to help the citizens, why is the discount only on one day each week and only for a year?

So what happens after a year? The elderly citizens who are led to believe that she is doing good for the community through this discount for a year will continue voting for her? With people like her in the seats, they continue to increase our cost of living in other ways. If she is indeed trying to help us citizens, isn't there more that can be done? Why are our transport fares, electrical tariffs, GST, all increasing? 

Simply put, she is just trying to buy votes from the elderlies who might not think much of it right now. I say, we use the discounts to our fullest advantage, and kick them out after. Yes, prove her right that we are all "si gui kias" who don't appreciate what she has done for us. Because really, what has she really done to help us?

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