Our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has once again graced us with his words of wisdom. He made a post on his Facebook page of a short video about how we should put ourselves in someone else's shoes to know what they are going through. 

Pinky Loong's caption was this:

Before you judge a person, walk a mile in their shoes.

Would you spend a day clearing plates at a hawker centre to understand the job of the cleaner, or check 36,000 niches to help someone locate a departed relative’s ashes? These are just two real stories of how public officers have helped Singaporeans, featured in a series of short films.

Honestly, what a load of crap. How dare he say such things. Has he walked in our shoes? How many Singaporeans are out there, struggling to get by with their low pay. Will Pinky Loong start pick up cardboard boxes as a form of 'exercise' and getting by with the little amount of money from the cardboards after he retire? 

How insensitive can he get? What gives him the right to ask us to walk in the shoes of other people when he, as a leader of our country, has not done anything remotely close? If he did, he would understand why we think he is highly overpaid. If he were to walk in our shoes, he would then be able to understand why the pay of ministers should be cut and given back to the citizens. He would know why CPF and the minimum sum is not a good plan for many poorer Singaporeans. 

Or maybe he does know our plight. And chose to ignore our concerns to feed his own ego and to keep his million dollar paycheck. Something has to change here. They need to be voted out.

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