Damanhuri Abas, a member of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has aired his views on the brownface and rap video debate.


Referring to the rationale articulated by K Shanmugam for the action taken against the rap video, Damanhuri called on the government to be consistent in its application of the rationale.

Damanhuri was of the view that the government, by taking such a stand, then needs to be consistent in applying it across the board.

Can the Minister then be consistent and call out the discriminatory practices of his own G for the last 54 years denying Malays full meritocratic access in NS like other races. And please, tokenism don’t count. In fact it is insulting and more damaging as it allows excuses for such practices to continue quietly. Or should I make a police report against the G as he recommends.

If he is not willing to do so because of some puzzling security (malay not loyal logic) or national interest reasons (malay archipelago fear logic), can he then at least do the right thing and ask the G to please admit and apologise to all Malays for this unjust and unfair practises by his G that lasted so long and tell us exactly when this will end.

Damanhuri then pointed out how the local Malay community has been waiting so patiently for 54 years for some clarity on the sensitive matter.

The community deserves an answer.


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