Friends of the Preeti and Subhas Nair have come out to defend them. 

Among them is Natalie Christian Tan, who have worked with both the siblings before ob several projects.

This is her defence of Subhas, and Preeti.

I will NOT let the media conduct what is basically character assassination of Subhas and Preeti to cover the asses of the mistaken people who blew this situation up.

They were the ambassadors for Pink Dot just a month ago, where they spoke about accepting all people into our beautiful and diverse national family.

Prior to that, Subhas and I sold t-shirts to raise funds for the T Project, a shelter for homeless transgender Singaporeans. 100% of the proceeds went to the shelter. We both insisted on it.

He worked with Migrant Band Singapore on his song for National Day and he made sure that the migrant workers shared the spotlight. He fought for the vulnerable and poor in our society to be paid for their musicianship on the project. He fought for their voices to be heard. How many of us have done the same? How many of us have fought tooth and nail for Bangladeshi workers to be paid fairly?

He conducted workshops on slam poetry writing for youths, to give young Singaporeans the skills to express their thoughts.

He participated in the Concerned Citizens Programme organised by the Substation, where Singaporeans from all walks of life came together to put up an exhibition about the national issues that were troubling them.

He works with Singaporeans from all walks of life to craft a better, more inclusive, more beautiful, Singapore. Do the above actions sound like the actions of somebody who wants to tear Singapore apart, or bring Singapore together by asking the hard questions? Do you think it is a coincidence that so many people supporting Subhas and Preeti are local writers, musicians, and artists? Love comes in many forms. We can give our friends hugs and kisses, and when our friends are losing their way and we ask them to wake up their idea, is that not also love?

Lyrics from one of Subhas' songs about Singapore:

"Yes leaving that’s the hardest thing, but no more tears to cry
I know that life ain’t going to plan, don’t need no reasons why
All I ever know is...
I know that I can call [Singapore] mine, and I’ll be fine
Home is where the heart lands in the heartlands
Home is where the heart lands in the heartlands"

Certainly, both Subhas and Preeti have done more for the underprivileged than many other Singaporeans who openly profess their love for this country.

Their music video, is an expression of their love and worry for the country. 

They are raising awareness, like thhey've always done. 

Perhaps, that is their contribution because the next time someone comes up with a brownface in their production, they won't get away easily.

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