Netizen Paspe Jweliah shared that her friend a fellow domestic helper working in Singapore was forced to sign an illegal contract allowing for her Filipino employer to fine her $5 or $10 for every instance of not following or not remembering verbal instructions. Despite being both from the Philippines, the employer using this illegal contract does not treat the helper with respect and with decency. 

"Hello my fellow members, in behalf of my friend..she already complain this matter to her agency, but they just ignored, the helper and employer are they same nationality.. pls help me wat is the best advice i can give her.. ?"

The helper has made an official complaint to the agency but was ignored. Fellow helpers in Singapore urged the victim to report this illegal contract to the embassy and to seek help there. Some also shared that it is illegal and the employer has no legal authority to withhold or deduct salaries. 

In a change of laws governing such practices, employers from 2019 are no longer allowed to keep money belonging to maids and this situation falls neatly under this criteria. This is to prevent disputes between employers and their helpers. 

"From Jan 1 next year, employers will no longer be allowed to keep any money belonging to their maids, including paid salaries.

In a press release on Sunday (Oct 7), the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said it is introducing this Work Permit condition to protect both employers and foreign domestic workers (FDW) from money-related disputes."


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