So Fattybombom-sizzle (FBB) has apologised again to members of the public for an incident that happened to a customer yesterday.

In the first apology statement made early yesterday morning at about 9 plus, FBB informed everyone that their staff that made the racial remark (totally uncalled for) has been terminated almost immediately. 

FBB has also assured the public and their loyal fans that FBB management will not let such a mistake happen again. 

Honestly is this "mistake" easily forgettable? Not to mention, we were not the victim who suffered the cruel joke. We either are just reading or talking about it. Being a joke, laughing stock at the expense of others. Not easy at all to forget.

After the first apology, some people were delighted because the management took swift action to resolve the matter.

But what FBB did not see coming was that the public was still angry about the other staffs that participated in the joke. THOSE THAT LAUGHED.

They laughed instead of stopping the joke, instead of apologising and standing up for the customer.

Yes this is unacceptable. Laughing to the joke is akin to being the racist himself!

So that's when the second apology came minutes ago.  

And as expected, it was disappointing. FBB reviewed the security footage of the particular incident yesterday to see the other staffs that was involved.

They decided to give a final stern warning to them instead..

What do you guys think? Can accept?

Was what the management did enough?

Should we all just move on?




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