As many of you already know, Nas Daily is heading to Singapore. And to celebrate his own arrival here, he is going to have a meet up event on 20th April 2019. The location has not been announced yet but people can start to RSVP on his events page.

It appears to be a free event and anybody can go. Wouldn't it be funny if people turn up at the event with pitchforks and placards asking him to get out of Singapore? That would be a sight to see. 

Also, don't you think that he would need a permit to host something like this? We wonder if he has gotten one. Or is he going to hold an illegal gathering? OR would they let this 'future minister of social media' go without one. :O

Dear all,

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The rumors are true: my company and I are moving to Singapore!

For the past 1,000 days, we had no place to call home. And after looking at the world map for days and weeks at a time, we’ve concluded that the best place to call home is in Singapore. We just really like the region and the warmth of its people.

We fell in love with the good and the bad – so we’re packing our bags and coming soon.

But this time, we wanna arrive with a bang. We wanna throw a big event on a long weekend for everyone. It’s a great way to meet up in person, make a video together(!!), talk to you a bit about Nas Daily, talk a bit about you, and showcase other talent in the region.

I don’t want your money. It’s a free event. We’ll do our best to make it fun for you – I promise. You just have to show up.

The event will be on the 20th of April, 4 – 6 PM. Venue is yet to be determined but I’ll announce it on the event page. Make sure to follow it for more updates.

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See you soon!

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