How many of you own animals? And how many of you send them to groomers to have their hairs cut, nails trimmed, etc. Do you trust them?

This Facebook User Rei Tsy trusted this company of pet groomers to get his cat groomed. But they sent the cat back, wet, hurt and in a cardboard box. You can read the full post below:

"Utterly disappointed with CAT SPACE SG Catspace and Meelo came back home in a SEALED CARTON BOX. Apparently this afternoon, my mom called the boss of that shop to come my house to collect Meelo, so he asked if my mom has the carrier. My mom told him that we have and it's in the storeroom, have to dig and find the carrier. So he was "nice" enough to tell my mom that's its okay, he will BRING the carrier to my house.
He collected from my mom $120 for the grooming + $30 transportation. Ok, the price is decent. But this is a fucking nightmare for Meelo la. Look at the pictures, knn limbei can groom better than them.
Meelo came back WET, ears not cleaned. Furs around his paws not cut. And my mom called him, he still got the fucking cheeks to tell my mom that now Meelo also no hair liao, a little bit wet nevermind. Smlj is this??? Every where cuts. Still can say because meelo is aggressive??? Which cat is so easy to handle? If your groomers can't handle my cat, at the very least give us a call and stop abusing Meelo. He's so traumatised now. WhatsApp them and NO REPLY AFTER MY LAST MESSAGE. ???

This morning, the owner called my mom and offered to regroom Meelo at another groomer, on their cost.

It's like today I eat chicken rice at your shop, eat already laosai whole day, then you offer to treat me to chicken rice elsewhere as compensation. CAN MEH???

Don't see my mom aunty aunty then talk to her instead of me.


Owner of catspace finally called me after I had to double text him (note that he hasn't replied since ytd night) to deal things with me directly

Zero remorse on regards to what he did. Totally cannot sia. Huhu"


Would you continue to trust such groomers to groom your pets? Simply unacceptable.

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