The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced that they will implement speed regulating strips on the roundabout located at Marine Parade. This after a fatal accident that happened on March 18, which claimed the life of an 82 year old woman.

According to witnesses to the accident, a car went out of control when in the roundabout and mounted the kerb. The elderly woman, who was walking on the pavement at the time, was mowed down. According to reports, the woman was flung into the air and landed on the windshield of the car head first. Although it was not stated, the the great impact only points towards the car speeding in the roundabout.

While LTA's implementation of the speed strips on the roundabout is a way to combat speeding in the area, more can be done to educate drivers on driving on roundabouts. As Singapore gets more and more new drivers on the road, and seeing that roundabouts are not a common sight on roads in Singapore, not many drivers are well versed in driving in roundabouts, and thus, accidents is only one wrong step of the accelerator away.  

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