A netizen who claimed to be a foreign domestic helper (FDW) lauded the employers who treat their FDWs with respect.

She was however offended by those who mock the FDWs and treat them as a "lower class of society".

For her, those who do so are usually from the middle-class. She provided a few reality checks for Singaporeans out there.

But I knew for sure those bullies also trying hard to earn a living. I just noticed it, most of the real rich people here treat us nicely but those who are in the middle class treat us poorly. She gave them a few doses of reality.

Excuse me do u have your own house?...

Without us how can you go to work to pay your bills? Your kids expenses? Your food? Etc...

She also maintained that not all FDWs will cling to Bangladeshi foreign workers for money.

And most of all Not all helper here will cling to a bangla for money. For God sake.

Do you think the criticism is warranted?

The middle class in Singapore is a very varied group. While the aspirations may be similar, their values may be different.

Is your treatment of others a representation of class or is it more a reflection of poor upbringing?

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