So your grandparents are angry with Huawei for making them queue up for long hours with extremely limited stock of the mobile phone on offer.

Fret not.

There's another national-day promo happening this Saturday, on 3 August, from 10am to 8PM.

OK Chicken Rice is selling a plate of chicken rice at 54 cents. This offer is valid only for Singaporeans aged above 54 years old.

You will have to furnish your NRIC as proof of your age and citizenship.

Each person is limited to only 1 plate of rice.

All other Singaporeans can enjoy 54% discounts on items on the same day.

OK Chicken Rice is located at TBC Building Central Park Foodcourt 3, Depot Close, Singapore 109840.

We hope policemen do not have to be called in to manage a rowdy and hangry crowd.

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