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So like many kaypoh Singaporeans, I also watched the viral videos of the Trans-Cab driver road-raging... Old uni acquaintance shared it in our whatsapp group.

The driver sounded like he was from the PRC, and was the one shown kicking a car and also shouting profanities at another couple who was with a young child. From what I read online, the police is already investigating him for criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt. Trans-Cab has also terminated his employment with the company. Wanbao, also reported that the driver once had a company and lives in a condo in JB.

The uni acuaintance asked if we recognise him (the driver). That's when it dawned on us and we became even more schocked.

This fella was the most mild-mannered of persons and was soft-spoken, unlike the aggressive man we heard in the videos.

His name is Feng Zhan Ning. He used to be employed at NUS previously quite some time ago doing some research work.

What the people online are speculating is actually true. He is a naturalised Singapore citizen. Last time, he was a PRC national and then he became a PR. After that, then he became a citizen.

What happened to him? We don't know. From becoming a Singapore citizen because of his academic capabilities to becoming a taxi driver, we can only speculate what has gone wrong to see him become this angry person. The government did not give him a citizenship to become a taxi driver.

To go from working at NUS to become a taxi driver is a big jump. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being a taxi driver. There are company directors who get retrenched and turn to becoming a taxi driver It's an honest living.

In the whatsapp group, we are speculating that he may have fallen on hard times. It is not easy transit from working as researcher to becoming a full-time driver. The financial pressures and stress must be different.

Yes, he is living in JB now. Cheaper there so maybe he can better cope with the lower cost of living there. However, it did not seem to help his state of mind.

Whatever it is, he needs to be responsible for his actions. Just because he was naturalised as a citizen and just because he used to work at NUS does not mean he should be absolved of responsibility for his inexcusable behaviour on the roads.


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