Worker's Party's Pritam Singh took to Facebook to speak up on PAP's "divisive approach to politics" and how it took 7 years to build a Barrier-Free-Access ramp at Blk 108 Bedok Reservoir Road.

Residents have requested for a ramp since 2012. However, the ramp which would normally take months at most to build, will be open only today.

Pritam Singh talked about how the MPs have to go through their Grassroots Advisers to raise projects for considerations. These Grassroots Advisers are also in charge of approving the dispensation of large sums of taxpayer dollars.

"In opposition wards like Aljunied and Hougang, the losing PAP candidates are the Grassroots Advisers."

In a speech at a rally during the 2015 elections, Pritam Singh also spake up on these Grassroots Advisers before. These Grassroots Advisers help gain political milage way beore the next elections for the PAP as they were appointed by the losing party. Some of these Advisers even went a step further to badmouth the opposition members. In his speech, Pritam also asked for these advisers to come after the President, who is not supposed to be linked with any political party, so that they can work on having a more unified Singapore with Grassroots Advisers who actually care about the residents.

However, this has obviously not been done. With a ramp that took 7 years, we can see how dirty the PAP is playing. Pritam Singh also mentioned how other proposals by opposition MPs for the community are commonly ignored by the People's Association.

How many of us residents are suffering because of their petty politics. WP is working on giving the citizens a better life and the other party is trying their best to stop them.

This cannot go on. We should not be suffering just because you lost.

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