An Audi driver's selfish act has landed him the honour of being the most inconsiderate driver of the day. In a Facebook post by Kelvin Chew, an Audi driver was seen parking his car in an inconsiderate manner, where he was parked not on a parking lot, but between the spaces of 4 other properly parked cars, which also blocks off their access to going out of the lots.

The Audi was seen parked in a perpendicular manner to the other cars, and when the driver of one of the blocked car wanted to go out, he was prevented from doing so. Despite his honking repeatedly, the driver of the Audi did not return to his car until 26 minutes later. When the driver did eventually turn up, he did not apologise for this moronic actions, and instead told off the driver who had been honking for 26 minutes that he should have sounded his horn if he wanted to go out.

The Audi driver's response as to why he parked like that, the idiot driver said that there was no available parking lot. Maybe in his mind, that made it alright to inconvenience others, such is the self-entitled nature of this idiot.




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