A self-styled social media guru amdk criticised Singaporeans on his Facebook page for being cheapskates.


The context? A trip to Universal Studios Singapore just last year.

From the photos of his trips and his entertainment, this self-declared 'father of freedom' is living the high-life and doesn't understand why others are not doing so. 




He was critical of locals who did not spend $60 for an express pass so that they can save time to properly enjoy the rides. He felt that it was such a waste to wait in the long, general queues. To him, it took out the fun for the day for these other customers.

He then went on to give bit of unsolicited life advice and compared this experience to life in general. He reckoned that most people were "too cheap to get in the express lane", thinking that "they are saving money" but when actually this is the "reason [why] they'll always be poor', thus "sealing their own fate".

His post is reproduced below:


Went to Universal Studios in Singapore last year and every ride had two lines:

1. General
2. Express

The general lines had 95% of the population standing in them and the average wait time was 2 hours.

Per ride.

Express had no wait time.

Naturally, there was zero chance in hell we were going to wait in lines so we paid for express.

We literally just strolled into every single ride 
(the cyclone rollercoaster was insanity)

Admission to the park was $76. If you wanted to purchase an express ticket, you pay another $60.

I saw almost every single person at the park not believe their time was worth $60. They were not having fun in those lines.

There are like 5 good rides.

Let's say they were there for 8 hours and only got to go on like 3 or 4 rides.

The entire day is shot for them because they weren't willing to pay an extra $8 an hour to have more fun and enjoy the park.

We went on 4 rides within an hour and a half. The day was fun and easy.

Are you willing to spend what little money you have on buying time? If not, life will continue to be rough for a long time.

This is an accurate representation of life itself. Most people are happy to sit in the general line of life, too cheap to get in the express lane.

Buy coaching. Get mentorship. Go to that event. Buy the express.

Because they were too cheap to pay for Express, that's exactly the reason they'll always be poor.

They think they are saving money, but they are really just sealing their own fate.

Do you believe your life and time is worthless?

Then by all means, keep standing in the slow lane, where you wait for your dreams to magically come true - just remember most people's lives expire before they get to the front of the line...

We are lucky that this amdk neither lives nor works here. Or else, we will have to deal with his huge ego and abrasiveness.

Guess being a 'social media guru', this guy just needs the attention. Is he really all that he makes himself out to be? After all, how much of a social media guru can you be when your page has only about 400 followers?


Whatever the case may be, we hope he doesn't return to this land of "cheapskates".

Firstly, there are plenty of tourists who patronise Universal Studios Singapore and use the "cheap", regular lane. It is not just locals.

Secondly, it is very presumptuous of him to think that he can judge us and draw life lessons from that one experience at a tourist trap.

Thirdly, Singapore is not a cheap place. There are better things that Singaporeans can use the money for or invest in, rather than waste it at a theme park meant for tourists. 

We are just more financially savvy than he thinks. 

If he wants to spend his money frivolously in our country, we welcome him to help the economy.

But it would serve him well to heed our advise to enjoy the country but rein in that ego.

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