A taxi driver's job is to ferry you from point A to point B. Sure they might help you load your luggages on and off their taxis but that's out of their own goodwill. A taxi driver recently made a Facebook post on a Facebook Group, Singapore Taxi Drivers, to rant about his experience with a lady carrying a LV bag.

In his post, he wrote that he picked her and a primary school girl up at Alexandra, together with a 1 metre long carton box to a condo at Bukit Batok. He helped her load the box into his taxi like any helpful uncle would. Upon reaching the condo, the taxi uncle helped to load the box off his vehicle. The lady then decided to ask the taxi uncle to bring the box up to her house which he declined to do so before stepping back into his vehicle.

The lady then started to lecture him through the taxi window for not helping her. He then responded by saying that it's not his job to be her personal mover before moving off.

In the post, he also gave reasons as to why he did not help her. He mentioned that Ikea provides delivery to the doorstep. However, she decided to make use of taxi drivers as a free alternative. She had the money to carry around a luxury item such as a LV handbag yet she still wants to save money on some delivery charges.

Was the lady being unreasonable for expecting the taxi driver to help? Or is the taxi driver right? You decide.

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