ACRES has responded following pest control company Anticimex Singapore's statement that it did not harm the snake in any way. In a Facebook post today, ACRES hinted that the pest control officers had mishandled the snake and jeopardised public safety. 

"If handled properly, there would not be a need to use excessive force or step on the animal and the animal handler would also not get injured."

It continued that Anticimex should have at least cordoned off the area to keep the public away from the snake. "This will also help keep the animal more calm and make the handling easier.

Some members of the public were outraged when one of the officers stepped on the 3m-long python while trying to contain it. The snake appeared in the middle of Orchard Road and caused quite a stir. ACRES may have many things to say about the lack of public safety and animal welfare but wait, where were they when people were struggling to keep it contained? 

Could they have done something about it or sent professionals to help? Why were they so slow? What's the use of talking big now? 

Animal welfare? Perhaps they should start by being more professional first.


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