An unfortunate HDB dweller shared his experience with mysterious pieces of poop appearing in front of their doorsteps. He claims that their family lived with the problem for 3 years and till today, none of the authorities whom they have complained to were able to resolve the smelly problem. The resident recounts that initially it was animal poop based on the size but soon it became obvious that the defecation was done by something or someone bigger than the typical dog or cat. 

The problem is so bad and frequent that the resident cannot seem to get rid of the smells emanating from the front of their house despite cleaning up the area. Feeling frustrated at the dire situation, the resident went online to seek for suggestions on what to do next, do you have any good solutions for this unfortunate HDB resident? 

Some excerpts from the resident's complaint: 

"I live in a HDB flat. It’s been a problem for 3 years now. Outside our door, we irregularly but frequently receive animal blessings. Blessings that we rather not get.

They used to be just wet. But this year, these beasts stepped it up a notch by depositing solid packages in front of our door. And it has been so bad, we cannot seem to ever get the slight smell erased; our door hinges have also begun rusting.

We’ve made complaints to Town Council, HDB and were told AVA(?) would be in touch. (Nothing happened after the “rounds were made” by their officials.) We have also discussed with our neighbours, and they have admitted that it is their animals and agreed to have animal societies catch them. (Obviously it did not work and did not happen because authorities did not follow-up.)

This was many months ago. But nothing has been done. And my family is really distressed by having to remove (by hand and toilet paper because we have ruined too many brooms and dustpans) the solids and liquids, and clean the corridor. What can we do further to try solving this problem of ours?"

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