On 8 February 2019, state media Straits Times reported that 24 pilots from Indian carrier Vistara, will be flying with Singapore Airlines (SIA) and its budge arm, scoot for about a year. They have been joining the airlines progressively from last month. This would help Singapore Airlines to meet manpower needs while providing pilots from Vistara some experience for long-haul flights.

Now comes the question, manpower needs? Ask around your family members if any of them have ever wanted to become a commercial pilot. Many would probably say yes, they have thought about it before, myself included. It is a fact that being a pilot is a highly coveted job with parents encouraging some of their children to become one in the future. However, many who tried often fail the interviews while the rest do not even try signing up due to the fear of the low acceptance rate. 

If they were having manpower problems, why not train locals for the job? Are they trying to say that Indian pilots are more reliable? A simple Google search would show you how many flight accident's they've had over the years, as well as the number of people who have died because of them. How sure are we that we can trust them?

While our local companies are constantly bringing in FTs for such highly coveted jobs, us Singaporeans have to go through things like the compulsory National Service and risk our lives with such a low ALLOWANCE (we can't even call it a pay). As if risking our lives weren't enough, if we were to pass away, how many of our ministers actually care for your death and actually attend your funerals? Just take a look at the recently passed Aloysius Pang (RIP) as compared to the billionaire's son, Ben Goi.

How is this fair for us locals?


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