While cases investigated by CPIB rarely gets a public airing, netizens have been up in arms over the perceived different treatment that CPIB is giving to crematorium workers and the Keppel O&M leaders that was embroiled in the Brazil bribery scandal.

It has transpired that the CPIB is investigating over 20 crematorium workers who accepted angpows from grieving families. CPIB have called up these workers to help them in their investigations. However, netizens pointed out that no action was publicly acknowledged by CPIB against the Keppel leadership, when they only were known to face internal action when the bribery scandal came to light. Netizens also pointed out that CPIB was also quick to act against a PSA forklift operator who received only a $1 tip.

Most agreed that any kind of bribery needs to be investigated, whether they involved $1 or millions of dollars. So what makes the Keppel leadership so special that they were not hauled up by CPIB even though the sum involved were $50million?

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