SingPost have come under the spotlight in recent weeks, after their postmen have been found negligent in delivering letters. The public are up in arms over non-delivered letters, letters delivered months after it was supposed to, letters in the trash and even postmen claiming work was done when it was not.

It seems SingPost can do nothing right at the moment. But a photo of a SingPost pstman having his lunch while perched on his bike have been doing the rounds, and it has evoked an outpouring of sympathy. The Facebook post by someone named Amirul Azam shows how much hard work a postman has to go through, how busy he is until he don't even have enough time to sit down and enjoy his lunch. The postman was seen eating while sitting on his postman motorbike, possibly rushing off to complete his job once his little lunch break was over. 

Makes you realise that being a postman is actually hard work.

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