The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have appointed Brigadier General (BG) Tan Chee Wee as the first Inspector-General of SAF. This follow the recent spate of deaths of NS men and regulars, including the the accident that claimed the life of celebrity Aloysius Pang. He will assume his role on 27 February, concurrently with the role of Chief of Staff - Joint Staff.

In his first statement on his appointment, BG Tan said that he will work closely with the SAF senior leadership to make sure that SAF personnel continue to have a culture of safe training for everyone. His aim was to have zero training fatalities while realistic training is conducted. BG Tan also want to introduce open reporting, where servicemen of any rank can report unsafe practices during training without fear of being charged for insubordination.

All this are just talk, of course, until the day he assume his role and the subsequent months, to see if there are any more training mishaps. Another paper general have assumed an important role, just how effective will he be? The Singapore public will watch this one closely.

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