Chan Chun Sing addressed the concerns regarding the Merdeka Generation Package yesterday. He claims that the funds for rolling out the package will be funded out by the Government. He also claims that the multibillion dollar scheme will not be funded by the citizens through things like an increase in taxes such as the GST.

Now the question is, do we believe him? Many of us are already suspecting that this package is just another election gimmick, another chicken wing to dangle at Pappies to get their votes. Can we really believe that our taxes wouldn't increase and hat they have enough funds to pay for it? We can't even expect our CPF to be properly paid out to us and he expects us to believe his words now?

He also says that this package will not be a burden that would not be passed to the next or future governments. If not the governments, then the citizens? We can only wonder. I want to truly believe that his words are true and that taxes would not be raised due to this package, but what are the chances? I have had enough of paying for their gimmicks and wayang. We need a change.

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