As many of you know, we have been ranked the most expensive country to live in for the past 5 years. Well it's time to make it the 6th year running. A worldwide cost of living survey done by Economist Intelligence Unit 2019 show that Singapore is still the most expensive city in 2019.

Two other countries, Paris and Hong Kong has also moved up in placings to tie with Singapore.

So much for our PM telling us that they will be focusing on cost of living issues and how the Government will do its part to alleviate cost of living concerns. When we will ever see a drop in cost of living? Youngsters nowadays are worrying over how they can buy their first home, if they can get married early. Such concerns also affect the dropping birth rate of Singapore (which is also another issue our Government wants to fix -roll eyes-) as they worry that they might not be financially stable to bring up their own children when they do not even have enough for themselves.

It's only when our Government really wakes up and do something about the cost of living, and not just talk about it, can we really fix the issues haunting our tiny island. It's time to wake up.

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