Tan Cheng Bock has revealed the new logo for his party, the Progress Singapore Party. The logo, which has finally been approved, takes the shape of a palm tree. They chose it as it signifies growth, purpose, strength and life. 

The human figure in the middle represents the importance that the party places on Singaporeans. The logo is also in red and white, reflective of our national colours. 

The palm tree has 5 fronds, each representing the party's ideals, namely: Democracy, equality, justice, peace and progress. According to Dr Tan, they also represent our multi-racial, multi-religious society, including how we embrace new citizens. 

Dr Tan has made many Singaporeans happy with the good news. He never forgets to assure Singaporeans that he will serve everyone with all his heart and work hard to fulfill what has not been achieved. 

Looks like the time of change has come. Let's hope Singaporeans will lend their full support to Dr Tan and avenge the fallen people's President.


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